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Numbur Cheese Circuit

Numbur Cheese Circuit trek is recently opened, one of the virgin trek within Ramechhap District in the central region of Nepal. It starts from Shivalaya, the further road head point of Jiri by the bank of Khimti River. Jiri was also the starting point for the trekkers, heading to Everest Base Camp and Everest Expedition in the past before starting the airport at Lukla. Numbur Cheese Circuit trek ends at Those, in the east-south of Shivalaya. The route recommended 
The route is recommended for 14 days trekking, however; in the push it can be done in 10 days by skipping a few camps. It also can be extended a few more days by having rest days in a few places. 
The trek offers to the visitors the whole panoramic sights of the central Himalayas including Annapurna South, Ganesh Himal, Gaurishankar, Numbur Chuli, Pathibhara (Gigphera Go Nup), and many more. The trek passes through deep river gorges, glacial lakes, superb views of major Himalayas, terraced rice fields, sub tropical forests and traditional Sherpa villages to the Likhu Khola Glacier, watched over by the towering peaks Numbur Chuli and Pathibhara. We have chance to visit the oldest Cheese factory in Nepal, established in 1957 and the Thodung Monastery on the way. 
In April and May rhododendrons bloom in large amount, you may also see eagles and musk deer as well as Himalayan Tahr, a species of goat antelope. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard. During the monsoon season the mountain meadows are very green and lush with flowers and grasses. However, trekking is quite difficult during the monsoon season because of the frequent rainfall and it won’t be worthwhile to trek during this time of year as mountain sceneries are covered by the cloud.

Itienary Details
Day 01: Arrive to Kathmandu (1400m), meet and transfer to Hotel. Overnight at Hotel
Day 02: Trek preparation day in Kathmandu. Overnight at Hotel
After breakfast, we start an interesting tour around Kathmandu. Escorting by an English speaking guide be, try to give them a full taste of our vivid culture image and an enchanting manner of its people. In our sightseeing tour we go to Monkey temple Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Kathmandu Durbar square.
Durbar Square: - This complex of palaces, courtyards and temples, built between the 12th and 18th centuries, used to be the seat of the ancient Malla kings of Kathmandu. An intriguing piece here is the 17th century stone inscription set into the wall of the palace with writings in 15 languages. The Durbar square, protected as an UNESCO world Heritage site, is the social, religious and urban focal point of the city. There are also museums inside the palace building. There is an entrance fee of Rs.250 for foreign visitors. Your ticket to the Square entitles you to visit all the museums.
Swayambhunath: - 6.5 kilometers west of Kathmandu, situated on a hillock, this 2000 years old Stupa is the world’s most glorious Buddhist shrine and is surrounded by several small pagodas. The main temple is capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt and is painted on the four sides with all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha.
Pashupatinath: - dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the holiest and most famous Nepalese temple. Situated 5 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu on the bank of the sacred Bagmati River, it is an impressive pagoda style structure with gilt roof and richly carved silver doors. It has bathing and cremation ghats, which are of absorbing interest to the tourist, particularly in the mornings and on festival days.
Day 03: Drive to Shivalaya (1790m)
Shivalaya is the gateway for the Numbur Cheese Circuit. The route to Shivalaya follows the traditional approach march for Everest expeditions, pioneered by Sir Edmund Hilary, along the old trade route from Jiri. Shivalaya is located on the picturesque Khimti River. There are several lodges and some basic shops in town. This is the last town on the trekking route where you can buy food goods or basic items of clothing. Overnight at Lodge
Day 04: Trek to Khare (2175m)
Khare village consists of less than 5 houses, inhabited only during winters by their owners who spend their summers on the pastures bordering Tibet tending to their yaks and chauris (Himalayan cows). The trail runs up and down along the valley side through terraced fields, dips to cross the river and then snakes steeply up the cliff on the other side. From Khare the steep climb to Jata Pokhari begins, via Panipakha and Maanedanda. Overnight at Home stay or at Tented Camp 
Day 05: Trek to Panipakha (3105m)
Panipakha is the first campsite on the trail route. The site has a moderately flat camping area carved into the hillside with a basic one side open hut with two rooms and a small wooden house. It has sufficient room for about 5 - 10 tents only. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 06: Trek to Manedanda
Maanedanda is the second campsite on the trail with a basic cooking shelter and area for tents. From here, the trail climbs to Jata Pokhari along the riverside and as the altitude increases, you move through alpine pastures to scrubby forests of Sunpati (traditional incense), a rare mountain herb. In the course, the trail crosses a tiny Sherpa village of Phokte. The trail ascends through the rhododendron forest to the summer pasture of Maanedanda. The campsite at Maanedanda is equipped with a basic cooking shelter and area for tents. It offers good views in clear days. The path climbs beside the river, before a dramatic waterfall heralds our arrival at Jata Pokhari. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 07: Trek to Jata Pokhari (4250m)
Jatra Pokhara is the third campsite on the trek route. There is also a basic shelter and some flat areas for camping. The campsite is located very near the holy mountain lake of Jata Pokhari. The lake, in the lap of Mount Numburchuli, is a popular pilgrimage destination in Ramechhap. Over 3000 pilgrims make their way here to celebrate Janiapurnima. It is believed that taking a dip in its holy waters will fulfill one's wishes. An overnight is recommended to allow for acclimatization either here or in Panch Pokhari. Take a side trip to Baula Pokhari, the "mad lake" but don't disturb the spirits within or your wishes may not come true! From here the trail continues a short walk to Panch Pokhari and then over the first pass of 4600m and then onto Thare. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 08: Trek to Panch Pokhari (4515m)
This is just a short walk from Jata Pokhari. This is the only campsite without any shelters. So a tent is necessary if staying here. There are five small lakes, known as Panch Pokhari, within this huge glacial cirque. The unmistakable Annapurna South dominates the western horizon of Panch Pokhari. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 09: Trek to Thare (4140m)
This campsite has a couple of houses and one shelter. Today, we will cross Thulo Lapcha ss (4600m) and descend to Thare. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 10: Trek to Ngeju (2665m)
The only suitable term to call Likhu Khola valley is complete wilderness. Your trek continues with the stunning mountain views that extend north into Tibet. Following the trail, traditionally used by local Sherpas, to bring yaks across the mountain, we cross Thulo Lapcha pass at 4838m and make a steady walk along the Likhu Khola valley to reach pastures of Ngeju. Ngeju is located at the foot of icefall tumbling from the sacred summit of Numbur. Kau Gumba, an ancient Buddhist Shrine is enclosed by a great sweep of high rock and snow peaks above tree line of the valley. Dudhkunda –the Milky Lake rests in the heart of the basin. The lake is surrounded by tumbling glaciers and large moraines. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 11: Trek to Lahaksewar (2665m)
In Lhachhewar and onwards, the camping facilities can also be combined with the Home-stay accommodation maintained at traditional Sherpa houses.
Lahaksewar is basically known as Sewar which is the most beautiful Sherpa villages in the upper Ramechhap region. The village welcomes you with its amazing landscapes, culture and hospitality. Sewar people offer untouched Sherpa culture where people have maintained the traditional way of life. Overnight at Home stay or at Tented Camp
Day 12: Trek to Kyama (2380m)
The trail goes through the river valley, descending through deep forest to Kyama (2380m) with excellent views along the way of Pathibara and Numberchuili. Overnight at Tented Camp
Day 13: Trek to Gumdel (2255m)
With the gleaming Numberchuili as the backdrop, Gumdel is a tiny village gathered around a large Buddhist Stupa. The Gumdel Home Stays offer the best of Sherpa hospitality and cultural traditions amidst luxuriant landscape and spectacular mountain scenery. Overnight at Home stay or at Tented Camp
Day 14: Trek to Serding (3360m)
From Gumdel the trail ascends through the dense forest finally reaching the beautiful Serding (3360m). Enjoy folded temperate and subalpine forest at the backdrop of Numburchuli, Bigphera Go and Gaurishankar Himal range from Serding and Punnasa Danda. Enjoy fresh Yak Cheese and Cheese making process. Overnight at Lodge or at Tented Camp
Day 15: Trek to Lapchane (2850m)
Descend gently to observe one of Nepal’s first Yak Cheese factories, established in 1957 on the way to Thodung. Visit Thodung Monastery and get warm blessing from lamas. Get your lunch with Lamas at Thodung or stroll back down to Deurali on the way to Everest trek, with good views of Gaurishankar before trekking to your penultimate Homestay village at Newari Houses, at Lapchane. Tamdanda (3000m) is thirty minutes above the Newar village of Lapchane, is one of the tallest hills in Ramechhap. From here you can see most of the central and eastern Himalayan peaks Dhalguiri, Annapurna, Gauri Shanker, Numbur, Makalu, Kanchenjunga. The peak also offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views during good weather. The variety of flora and fauna, with 65 species of birds, makes it the place to head off to for nature lovers. Tamdanda provides the best east-west panoramic Himalaya views in the area and also hosts the largest variety of bird species in the mid hills of Nepal.
Day 16: Trek to Those (1755m)
After having the great views of Sunrise across the Himalayas, gently descend to Those. Before the construction of the Jiri Road, Those was the busiest market town on the trade route between Namche and Lamosangu.
Day 17: Drive back to Kathmandu, transfer to Hotel. Overnight at Hotel
Day 18: Independent sightseeing
Day 19: Final departure for Home country.




Trip Fact

  • Trip Duration: 19 Days
    Destination: Shivalaya, Jata Pokhari, Panch Pokhari, Serdung, Tamdanda, Those, Jiri
    Max Altitude : Thulo Lapcha,4838M.
    Seasons: March-May/September-December
    Trip Code : RT-NCC

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