Imagine a place where you can have heavenly joys in your lifetime. Imagine a place where you can have experiences of most of the diversities of nature and culture, being a small country in size. Not only these are the things to see in Nepal but it also has lots of breathtaking and eye-catching beauties throughout the whole country. Nepal is countries where you feel yourself you are in the heaven. So please think many times before you plan your holiday in the world. Nepal is most happening trekking destinations in the world. If you are hanging your mind doing lots of work and works always, and if you want to refresh your mind, you are mostly welcome to our country Nepal. Traveling to Nepal makes your life some funnier, more enjoyable, make a little better and have more good experiences. 
People from the globe are feeling tired due to working a lots so do their mind. They must have lots of money but money can't buy happiness and joys. So people from the different parts of the world are exploring new places to visit. Among the prettiest places to visit in, Nepal is in the front line.